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Le plus précieux diamant du monde, c’est la conscience — personne ne l’a jamais possédé et c’est l’objectif ultime de toute la création. — AainaA-Ridtz A R, Rédactrice en Chef et Fondatrice, VALIZ Magazine.

You are your own light in the dark. Relax, and let your light shine.

The most precious diamond of the world, is awakened consciousness — no one possesses it and is the ultimate objective of all creation

With that in spirit, Valiz Magazine a new media intelligence startup, stirs the lights to reveal that which is hidden within the veils of the spirit for the soul’s safe journey home.

VALIZ as a new startup media offers our stakeholders, readers and subscribers, the opportunity to re-discover themselves, either from a personal or a business perspective, throughout their journeys, their story-telling thereafter.

VALIZ Magazine focuses on dichotomous slants, that which stimulates the awakening of the mind’s sight.

The magazine, is attentive to travel lifestyle, and trends that shape the paths of the moments. Trends include mindful indications towards social business collaboration, interviews, and sense impressions.

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