If you’re traveling to outer space, like many of us are in our consciousness, the likelihood of gearing the physical world with gadgets can be quite daunting …

An almost unnecessary ritual since these will, most probably cost an arm, and a leg, if not the whole village. However if you’re looking at an escapade of about a week through two, you’d need nothing less than a few of our favourite things to lug about. Apart from the RFiD wallet that will shield your charge cards, and your passports, read on …

The Dynotag

Definitely a forward thinking inventory tagging from your hardware through your suitcases, the Dynotag® is web GPS enabled. Imagine tagging your world, and never have to lose anything again, unless you want to. It would make a fabulous gift, too.

Versatile & Innovative Powerbank Wallet

You’d want to not bring any of those seriously heavy power banks to power your communication device when you have the fabulous designed, Nomad Wallet.

The Must-have Fashion accessory for the modern personality

You’re not a secret agent yet, if you haven’t any of this … in the wardrobe and the Molly Jacket is one that you’d want to stash apart from the gorgeous pashmina.

This Amped Wireless, WiFi adapter may come in handy, on your next trip out.

You know what is annoying when you’re connected and then out of the restful bliss, you needed to check for that every important email, only to find nothing works where you are. This Amped Wireless, WiFi adapter may come in handy, on your next trip out.

The very attractive 25-year warranty Thul

The very attractive 25-year warranty Thule gorgeous suitcase with expandable roller offers features to protect and organise everyday essentials.

Travel Journal

You can never go out of ideas on what to write in this travel journal by Moleskine. Everyone deserves this great looking pad, all because there’s so much to jot – from travelling expenses through emergencies that needed to be looked into when abroad.

Sony Alpha 6000

Don’t take our word for it, but do bring this nifty travel sized image capturing device, it being the world’s fastest autofocus, at 11 fps. It really is convenient to appreciate the best moments.

Lemongrass Paper Soap

And last but not the least for this quarter’s travel list, the thinly sliced paper soaps that lather, dissolve and cleanses when water is added, is a must for any short or long distance trip. You could get the fine French L’Occitane range, or using the potato peeler, peel your favourite bar of soap, without forgetting to put sheets of tracing paper between each.