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A Glimpse, into the Future - VALIZ Magazine

A Glimpse, into the Future

The Messner Mountain Museum, ZH
Having exited the world stage, Dame Zaha Hadid, is an inspiration to true and aspiring architects ⎯ interior and exterior; as well as designers, engineers, and connoisseurs of good taste, reflecting years of fearless design of conceiving each facet of the heavens within her spirit.

Most loved, most feared for her originality, and transformational ideas, the late Zaha passed on, of heart failure, at the age of sixty-five on 31st March.

Four years ago, the Iraqi born architect was granted Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire and was the first woman ever, to have been awarded the RIBA Gold Medal.

Her expressions were perceived as bold yet fluid, evoking the flux of contemporary living, amidst the chaos.

We present two of her celebrated works herein, to pay our respect to such a fabulously audacious lady, one who has given wings of encouragement to all who have crossed her path, to conceive, and build more radical ideas, in the art, of living through architecture.


The Danjiang Bridge, at the Tamsui river was destined to be a conspicuous landmark. Taking into consideration its sunset landscape, cultural assets, environmental protection and the promotion of tourism, the appealing design complements Tamsui’s celebrated sunset.

Bolzano, Italia

A symphony of fluidity, interconnected volumes the thousand square metres Messner Mountain Museum, located at the top of Mount Kronplatz with its fascinating views of the Dolomites, was carved from within the mountain. A sharp glass canopy, reflecting of a fragment of glacial ice rises from the rock to mark and protect the museum’s entrance.

The Museum offers a 240˚ views of the expansive landscape encompassing the Zillertal Alps, the Dolomites and the Marmolada glacier.


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