When politics play gung-ho with each other, when big cash in guise of money laundering and terrorism ping pong each other attempting to blame other parties instead of walking the talk out of often primitive or failed strategic communications exercises, the old world has wilted to extortion, often seen in guise of coups d’état and social unrests.

What effects most then are the tourists, the travellers, the immigrants and the refugees.



How do we then approach this in a healthier, proactive and constructive way? How do the governments then play the roulette without being sold to slavery and credit ratings, if the main coterie twists arms in duels of intrigues and slush funds?

Identify the weak trap doors, and look into the eyes of the enemies ⎯ Who are they?

No one government wants to loose out of looking small in the eyes of the world. Someone else must always take the blame ⎯ identify who contemn the greener grass, the Muslims or the weather when it serves their purpose the least? Understand who creates what for whom, by whom and for what purpose

Learn to play Chess but don’t overlook body language or breathless shortcomings.

Hotel activity in Paris has dipped 12 percent since January, largely due to the November attacks, according to MKG Research Group.