Do not be complacent about it, do not even show a veil of doubt to the worlds, for they aren’t blind nor unconscious.

Doubts are nothing but the finer vibratory of negativity, of fear.

Project your authenticity. Its a dance of the planets, the circling of the cube, the breathing out, and the rising of the tides.

Be yourself. That’s all you can do, and be. A clean slate to the world is as the fiery element of the Sun in the spheres of darkness ⎯ there is no one that veils himself most but himself, and in the world of influencers and leaders, if you’re not authentic, you can be spotted a dimension away.

Sitting does not create truth,
Meditation does not produce insight,
Just as smelling a flower
Does not make it fragrant
⎯ Ian McCrorie

Who are the influencers, and the leaders?

They have a responsibility to the worlds and to themselves, far greater than many politicians placed on their seats.

They are the poles of a lifetime civilisation, they are the ones that inspire others by their own presence, known by the masses or not. Answers weren’t conceived for questions, nor questions conceived for the earlier.

If you can solve that gordian knot, you are set to trail-blaze and change the world, but first, the quest at hand starts with understanding and knowing oneself.

They themselves are transformed by the dance of heart and mind, and what ushers forth is an excitement, an energy of confidence that is contagious ⎯ Jan Phillips

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