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Reviews Guidelines - VALIZ Magazine
Bibliotheque, courtesy and copyright Gabriel Ghnassia

Reviews Guidelines

Essential Volumes, courtesy, and copyright Annie Spratt
Essential Volumes

If you are an independent author or publicist interested in submitting your books for review consideration, please vet through the terms. If you are a traditional publisher or a freelance agent, please submit all relevant library information.

Submissions must be sent preferably two (2) months — four (4) prior to the 1st day of the month of publication. You must send four (4) hard copies of every title submitted.

We do not accept digital copies and submissions of a single copy will not be considered.

All galleys should have the following information on the cover …

  • Title
  • Author
SR Price in € or RM equivalent
  • Publisher and imprint
  • Format
  • Number of pages in the finished book
13-digit ISBN
Month and day of publication
  1. Distribution arrangements
  2. Publicity contact information
  3. An accompanying letter should contain a description or synopsis of the book, and any pertinent publicity information, including the author’s previous titles, blurbs, or previous reviews.

We review books in the following categories, in both English, and French.

Nonfiction, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Erotica, Poetry, Philosophy, Comics, and Lifestyles (architecture, cooking, home & gardening, health & fitness, travel & leisure, or photography).