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Ridtz Raschid

AainaA-Ridtz A R
AainaA-Ridtz A R

AainaA-Ridtz as she is intimately known amongst friends, or as Ridtz, amongst peers took to the stage in a regional exposition performing Classical Music at the age of nine representing Malaysia at the Japan Expo.

AainaA-Ridtz won her first Grand Prix at the age of 11, exhibited her first gouache at 13 at the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur, and 24 in France, and thereafter has won awards as writer, poet, and photographer.

Her creative works have been published in UNESCO Heritage Guide, exhibited at US’ Money Museum, International Herald Tribune, and Nihon Keizai Shinbun.

AainaA-Ridtz enjoys travels to hidden nooks, within and beyond Israel, the CIS, China, South East Asia, the Middle East, and the EU. She appreciates Sashimi, Photography, and adores lightning, thunders, snow & ice storms.

Ridtz, is both founder & editor in chief, of VALIZ Magazine Int.

  • The Sacred Key — Transcending Humanity
    Blurb Inc.
    ISBN 978-1-4507-5718-8
  • World’s Strand
    Mandelbachtal/Cambridge: Joneve McCormick and Shimanta Bhattacharyya
    Edition cicero, 2006 [Academici Texts and Studies, 1] ISBN 3-934285-55-4
  • Bilocality and the Inner World of Attention
    AainaA-Ridtz A.R / Ronald Wopereis
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