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Amazing Grace

It is with grace, and the willingness to go farther in the understanding of the journey that takes more women now, than before to contemplate their bath habits, instead of just jumping in and out of showers as if they’ve been designed by men, and not an impression of the divine.

The bathroom is the second most important part of the abode, besides the kitchen.

All else are mere conveniences for intimacy, and gymnastics.

Respective the perspective, the bathroom in the glasshouse of imagination tend to the many dysfunctions of quotidian living. When large enough to accommodate an armchair, champagne, and a bathtub, it makes for the perfect hideaway for a pep talk between spouses, girlfriends or children.

To me bathtubs are the epitome of luxury. Either you have no money to own one or you have no time to use one ― Akilnathan Logeswaran

In contemporary society of the instant noodles and plug-ins and throwables, not many houses are prebuilt with a foresight towards the simple pleasures and necessities, of life.

The bathroom is a necessity, and a desideratum that begets a luxury of spending time with one’s self (or with one or two others in the equation) ⎯ That precious pause we have are often being squandered for other unimportant attention.

Here are samples of bathrooms that will inspire your next renovation, or perhaps the new guest house in the orchard, or the additional annex that can always turn a house, a garden into more of a home, rather than splurging on couches and theatres with scalpels.

When do we stop, to heal our battered souls ⎯ our bodies that need detoxification, our spirits that require a moment in-time to readdress the more important issues like refocusing on the journey, of Life.

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