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Bavarian Delights

This little alpine secret is still a gem for its unspoilt crystalline lakes, intensely blue skies with lush hills ready to welcome you in its splendour, and ski ranges. It’s also a region in south east Germany that isn’t just about sausages and beers.

A leisure paradise for the family, the unchartered routes with various degrees of complexity is a haven for hikers, climbers and cyclists. The panorama stretch over the Bavarian mountains rewards you for the effort made. On the way there are alpine huts inviting you for refreshments, with traditional snacks or Kaiserschmarrn pancakes with raisins. Along with the Rheinland and Berlin, Bavaria is Germany’s most popular tourist destination.

The many lakes are perfect for rowing and sailing whilst a rafting trip on the Isar is ideal for those seeking a Summer adventure. If you appreciate kite sports, Lake Walchensee is popular with wind surfers as well as kite enthusiasts.

Wakeboarders come and go on Lake Steinberger in the Upper Palatinate Lake District and Lake Hödenauersee in Upper Bavaria, and the facilities are amongst the most modern in Germany. Water skiing or monoskiing are also possible and there is one thing they all have in common: the lakes in Bavaria all have drinking water quality.

Agrotourism is taking Europe by storm this year, and what better way to experience the life of the wild — getting involved, riding ponies and milking the cows, feeding the poultry whilst still having time to relax amidst beautiful scenery, contemplating the Bavarian countryside.

Whilst the young are encouraged to tract and help the farmers to herd cattle, parents can enjoy the sun terraces, breathing in fresh unpolluted, and aromatic country air. Bavaria is one of the safest regions in Germany and Europe, and northern Bavaria is celebrated for its Bocksbeutel white wines. The Eiswein made from frosted grapes is a sweet wine, best tasted for desserts.

From fabulous mountain ranges, fairytale rivers and lakes, Bavaria’s holiday regions of Franconia, Eastern Bavaria, the Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia and Upper Bavaria are perfect for families craving for natural escapades, photography trails and safe, camping holidays.


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