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By Seduction

Lace, courtesy and copyright Brandon Morgan
Famed in movies, the likes of Gone with the Wind, Moulin Rouge and Burlesque, it was commissioned by Catherine de Medici, and was made popular in the 16th century.

Re-thought in the twenties, corsets were perceived as a fashion accessory and outer garment worn to project an hour-glass figure, a mélange of seduction and passion, a display of artistic aesthetics on textures and shapes and was once banned by Poiret, and re-worked on by designers the likes of Balenciaga, St. Laurent, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier.

All to celebrate women, and the tribulations they have to traverse throughout the centuries.

Now, it is starting to take the world by storm, and women the world over, from Bulgaria, Austria, Chile to Paris, New York through Tokyo are being primped up in the most delicate yet opulent bustiers and fine lingerie, from silk to taffeta, through denim and leather.



According to Global Market Review, by 2020, the industry estimates that lingerie market in total will be worth €32B at retail value, with potential growth of 3.8% over 2015. Of this value, the brassiere, and bustier market will be worth €20B, the undergarments market €$13B, and miscellaneous lingerie will be worth €5B.

The exhibition looks at the role of the corset in women’s underwear and explores the debate of whether they are healthy. Restrictive corsets with a waist of less than 19 inches are displayed next to x-rays showing the damage inflicted on a human body.

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