As the Panama Papers claim another political scalp ⎯ with the resignation of Spain’s Industry Minister, Europe’s biggest nations launch a joint effort to clamp down on tax evasion.

How effective will it be?

The concept of wealth is often translated as a means to serve society at its weakest, and to maintain and conserve it in its glory, and for most in the mundane worlds, is ofttimes seen as an impediment to true wealth, which in a kernel, is freedom as conceptualised from all perspectives.

Taxes were originally conceived for the benefits of the collective society, but when such exercise is implemented to take advantage by enforcing unreasonable measures on the population and for a select few, a certain immunity, it becomes a gordian knot, and rarely if ever, solved. Most often, such exercises, are swept, under the Home Affairs rugs of convenience by media and public relations campaigns when democracy fails to obscure the message.

When corporations evade taxes at the benefit of the population, then it becomes an irresponsibleness ⎯ on the part of corporations seeking public approval. With the new conscious order unveiled, more are aware of such treachery. Modern society plays a double edge sword in the balance of the world’s probabilities.