Internet of Things are transforming the agricultural industry at a pace, fast enough to bring food on your table and feeding the world in times of need, by 2020 and beyond.

The Internet of Things refers to a distributed network connecting physical objects that are capable of sensing or acting on their environment and able to communicate with each other, other machines or computers.

Farmers will be efficiently productive with smart irrigation which provides resources just where and when it is best needed. New business models based on selling final outcomes rather than just equipment may also boost business revenues.

Here’s an example of how big data can be deciphered on the ground and be ready to proffer solutions with giant agricultural agencies throughout the world. Called precision agriculture the solution links sensor data on the ground to connected IoT Gateways nearby.

The gateways act on that data locally and then send the collected data to cloud service providers, where they are analyzed using solutions from partners like TATA Consultancy Services and Atomiton. The results should help farmers improve yields, reduce consumption of resources like water and fertilizer, and improve crop quality.