It is in the understanding of our selves, the spirit and eventually the soul that lead us on our solitary journey, towards the hidden kingdom, home.

J Krishnamurti has in his book, The Awakening of Intelligence spoken at length of the unveiling of the unconscious mind, and in so doing, reveals clearly the treasure within the human psyche. Herein, to re-discover for those who, on their journey separated from traditions, the truth that have many wise savants, sages, and saints walked upon the pathless and the least trodden.

Many people in the world are independent, but very few are free. Freedom implies great intelligence, does it not? To be free is to be intelligent, but intelligence does not come into being by just wishing to be free; it comes into being only when we begin to understand our whole environment — the social, religious, parental and traditional influences that are continually closing in on us.

Freedom is really a state of mind in which there is no fear nor compulsion.

To understand all these and become free from them requires deep insight; but we generally give in to them because inwardly we are frightened. We are afraid of not having a good position in life; we are afraid of what our priests will say; we are afraid of not following tradition, of not doing the right thing.

Intelligence is something very subtle — it has no anchorage. It comes into being only when you understand the total process of the mind — not the mind according to some philosopher or teacher, but your own mind.

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