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Hearts to Hearts

We’ve been covering on the front end to inspire you as readers and travellers, rather than you as a platform to leverage your businesses ⎯ human to human.

Remember we are, first foremost, serving humanity.

Neither humanoids, golems nor robots ⎯⎯⎯ True humans, are conscious enough in the unconscious mind to be serving of both non-feeling entities and of others’ as unto them. We must be reminded, that the elevator to success is of light exchange between hearts, between humanity.

Vacances, courtesy and copyright Pierre-Olivier Bourgeois

If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur, are you already considering collaborating or partnering with existing startups? That being said, let’s seriously consider these top five applications not necessarily in the order, that are practical for use in reference the travel and leisure industry ⎯ these are the most widely spoken and used in the travelling in-group.

Having the means and vision to grant future travellers, or playing the role in the experiences of their journeys in life, as a business entity, you have the responsibility to assure complete and smooth mechanisation on your end.

Smart online bookings made simple for tours, activities and travel, centralising everything, and built on the SaaS (software as a service) model, Checkfront is a fully managed solution. It includes automated updates, backups and industry leading security on a high speed, high availability network and plugs-in your favourite CMS.

Lodgify operates in the backend for popular startups the likes of Roomorama, and AirBnB. Build your vacation rental website with just a few clicks. No technical skills required. It really is that simple ⎯ Lodgify is a rapidly growing early stage travel tech startup building software-as-a-service tools for the hospitality industry. They build the solutions so you can stay or jumpstart your own business.

A flexible management system and gateway between property managers, reservation channels, staff and guests, what makes CiiRUS stand apart from its competitors is the availability of its software to operate as an offline solution, in the case where Internet connection may become interrupted or disconnected. With that built-in as a convenience, it is best to test-drive for your new venture, or existing setup.

Enable your in-house PR and Design staff to efficiently produce itineraries with image rich publishing and to manage customer & supplier data; manage supplier, agent and client records; create Itinerary quotes and confirm bookings amongst others ⎯ let TourWriter handle your bespoke needs instead of worrying about ends not meeting.

A unified communications software automating email, survey, event, SMS, fax, Twitter and autoresponder marketing in order for businesses to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. With a white label model available for partners, SimplyCast is a feature-rich multi-channel marketing platform used by many brand names in retail, non-profit and hospitality industries.

A complete browser based and compatible with most mobile devices, it can be accessed anywhere and any time, perfect for last minute customer changes

Integrating seamlessly and easily with your own website, through direct linking or simply pasting a HTML code into your CMS, Rezdy is a user-friendly and intuitive system, which requires little training to operate, and can generally be set up by a user in less than 30 minutes. The Academy will train you to fully exploit the system, whilst the marketplace, lists your offers.

Keep customers in the loop with automated emails on their reward status. When they unlock a reward automatically send their coupon by email, encouraging them to shop again. Customers can add their rewards to Apple Wallet.

When customers are nearby, notifications from Passbook prompt them to shop and redeem their reward coupons.

We hope these will inspire you to surfeit in your next venture and to seek a test drive before indulging on your business journey.

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