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Hillside Suite

A minimalist and practical designed suite in the valley of the Sierra Itapeti, courtesy and copyright Andre Eisenlohr and Estêvão Menegaz
In the valley of the sierra of Itapeti, in the city of Guararema, São Paulo, designed by Cabana Arquitetos, the 65m2 house and its pole foundation greatly reduces the site disruption and erosion that would be caused by a basement excavation.

The raised design allows for air to flow all around the structure, keeping it refreshing with a natural cooling system.

The suite accommodates a living room integrated to the kitchen, and a bathroom.

The sewer is built on a natural biodigestion system whilst the irrigation, affords a filtered evapotranspiration trench ⎯ rainwater is stored and used for the irrigation of the orchard.

A wooden deck bridges the gap between the hillside and the house.


Cabana Arq.
Galeno de Almeida, 188
Pinheiros, São Paulo
+11 3087 3405

Photographs by Andre Eisenlohr and Estêvão Menegaz

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