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The Halo - Santiago’s Telecom Tower
Structures founded as that which serves a purpose to the public ought, in its own be exemplary pharos’, and invite the audience to relish in the elements without as much as resorting to the printed brochure.

In the awakening of dawn, the stilled mind is more connected to its trace elements that which is essential in its dance traversing the bridges, as aether is to rain and to the humus on which everything pullulates.

The Glacier Skywalk, built in 2014, a 1500 footlong interpretive walk is such example that serves visitors to the Jasper National Park, in the Canadian Rockies to discover, and be in-that moment in-time, appreciating the connectivity between states.

Designed and built by Sturgess Architecture, the cantilevered walkway as an extension of the mountainous landscape, reveals an unobstructive view below.

Santiago’s Telecom tower is another example, in bridging the world, by thrusting the privilege to visitors the experience of understanding the reactive design between nature and tower. The foundational relationship is juxtaposed with the backdrop, and blurs the lines between the fluidity of design.

The platform suggests a floating atmosphere, suspended by cables. In the evenings, the structure built in 2014, hovers above the peaks with lights glimmering. The design emphasises the structural resource into creative inventiveness as it is designed for a seismic zone.

Whilst the halo indirectly suggests sanctity in religion, it is heavily represented in optical sciences and is associated to Chile’s rodeo. The ideas were preconceived from modernists, the likes of Rodchenko, Tatlin, Yakov Chemikhov and Malevich.


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