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Energy, Salta Argentina; courtesy and copyright Heather Emond

Invisibility drone designed for surveillance and air combat is the future of autonomous jets costing a paltry £185M is BAE’s newest innovation.

Initial power-up started as early as in 2010 at BAE Systems’ military aircraft factory in Lancashire followed by a comprehensive and highly detailed programme of pre-first flight milestones. The first three flight trials took place in Australia between August 2013 and late 2015.

Work on the Taranis program was feeding into the Anglo-French Future Combat Air Systems which involves efforts from BAE Systems, Dassault, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Leonardo, and Thales. About the size of a Hawk aircraft the Taranis has been designed and built by BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, the Systems division of GE Aviation and QinetiQ working alongside UK MOD military staff and scientists.




The Golf Jet Pack is going to pack more youth golfers in droves to the tees, when Bubba Watson’s bespoke 210HP engine allows it to climb as high as three thousand feet up with air speeds up to 46 miles per hour. It as all the features of a golf cart, including space for clubs, bottle holders and even your Chanel lipgloss for a great round with Putin, or even your favourite golf buddy.

Pro golfer BubbaWatson and Martin Aircraft has collaborated with Oakley sporting equipment, and created the Bubba Jetpack. The two time Masters champion and currently fifth ranked golfer in the world is known for pushing boundaries of his sport in an attempt to make it faster, and extreme. Three years ago, he teamed up with Oakley to create the world’s first hovercraft golf cart.




Being a disruptive technology, they understand the drive behind disruptive marketing and were able to adapt the Martin Jetpack’s cutting edge technology to create a golf cart that offers a bird’s eye view of the golf course.

It’s about to go down! Or UP!#BubbasJetPack #BWAir #TeamOakley #TodayShow

Une photo publiée par Bubba Watson (@bubbawatson) le

Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road. ― Voltaire

Now, imagine a doll house or a car made of cardboard, and brought to life by using a silver quick drying ink that conducts electricity.

What could you imagine or create with such a writing instrument that would allow you to draw an electric circuit that can withstand up to a hundred volts. The circuits are capable of lighting lamps and powering motors.



Inventors AgIC demonstrated the pen by drawing a series of buildings on electronic-embedded paper that lit up to make a small 3D town, complete with street lights and a moving car. The pen costs 1,800¥ and a sheet of the required A4-size paper is 3,600¥. A crowdfunding backed campaign also helped with the development of an eraser pen.

Shinya Shimizu, CEO of Inventors AgIC believed the items would help startup companies with the development of prototypes for a brighter future.

Imagine this on a larger scale. What could you create for your worlds?


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