Possessing, highly skilled, young workers with an extraordinary work ethic and literacy rate of more than 90%, the Vietnamese are equipped.

They have a high level of education and are prepared to serve in high skilled industries like information technology, pharmaceuticals and financial services, at a more competitive cost than other countries in the region. Vietnamese is the official language. The modern written language uses the Vietnamese alphabet, a Romanized representation of spoken Vietnamese. While English is increasingly favored as a second language, other languages used to a lesser extent in Vietnam are French, Russian, Chinese, and Khmer.

Vietnam remains one of the fastest-growing Asian economies with high GDP growth in recent years, based on the power of FDI & the private sector.

The number of Internet users as of the end of 12/2011 reached 32.6 million, up 22% from last year’ same period. 2011’s total postal and communicational service net income was 167.1 trillion dongs, up 19.3% from 2010. ⎯ Ernst & Young, Vietnam; 2013.


Three years ago, a Hanoi-based startup released « Flappy Bird » ⎯ a game that quickly became an international hit. This has set the ball rolling. Silicon Valley-based 500 Startups has set aside $10 million for the country. It estimates 1,000 or more startups to launch in Vietnam every year.