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Isness, of Being

Bassmi Ibrahim
Bassmi Ibrahim escapes the confines by abandoning the courage of the brush to reveal purity of colour and form.

Utilising luscious, hypnotic veils of colours, layered onto the nothingness, Ibrahim creates enigmatic and seductive manipulations that depict more than a current experience ⎯ a brief lull.

Instead, these paintings document the experience of knowing ⎯ connecting with one’s higher consciousness, the soul ⎯ leaving behind the spirit, in the sublimity of the meditative state.

Bassmi graduated from the Ain Shams University of Egypt in Fine Arts, in the sixties, thereafter during a period cultivated techniques and modern aesthetics. Conceived in the physical during the forties, his earlier education began at home with his father who was an aesthete, with photography being his medium.

His works are in private and corporate collections and widely exhibited in the US and abroad. His recent solo exhibitions include St. Petersburg College, the University of South Florida, Eckerd College, Salt Creek Art Colony, Pensacola Museum of Art, Panama City Art Centre and Parkersburg Art Centre, West Virginia.

None of Bassmi’s paintings insist on a literal meaning, instead they speak in a language we intuitively recognise, a language that mimics the movement of water, the massing of clouds, the budding of flowers.

Isness, of Being

3 June — 2 July 2016

Opening Reception

3 June
18:00 — 21:00


764 Miami Circle, Suite 210
Atlanta, GA 30324


Bill Lowe
Christina Collandra
T: +1 404 352 8114

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