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Le Prix de Sophia - VALIZ Magazine
Manuscript, courtesy and copyright Aaron Burden

Le Prix de Sophia

VALIZ Le Prix de Sophia

Sophia Invitation 2016/2018

Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it. ― RUMI

Leaves of Hope, courtesy and copyright Aaron Burden
Leaves of Hope, courtesy and copyright Aaron Burden

In the hopes of advocating and preserving keen observations of one’s conscious journey, VALIZ Magazine & VAIN Media Intel. publishes exceptional, exciting, and original material from established and emerging francophone writers in Malaysia, and around the world.

We accept submissions year-round.

NotaBene — Submission Guidelines:

  • Email us your interest first foremost, to pr at domain.
  • Send original, unpublished material in poetry, including translation (into English or French).
  • We do not consider work that has appeared on the Internet unless it has only been posted to writers’ forums for discussion.
  • Include a cover letter with a one A4 page biography and publications list.
  • Specify the genre of your submission in the cover letter. Please include the number of poems.
  • If you have submitted your work to another magazine for consideration, please let us know in the cover letter.
  • We will reply to submissions via email. Along with your submission, please provide complete contact information.
  • Manuscripts must be typed and single-spaced on A4-sized paper or typed neatly in Georgia typeface body in 14pt, in either Word or Pages. Include all poems in one document. We prefer a PdF for submissions of poetry, but will also accept a Pages or Word document.
  • Send only one submission at a time — maximum six poems per submission. Please send only one submission per six-month period.
  • Translations are sought in all genres and must be undertaken with the permission of the original author. Wherever possible, include a copy of the original work. We are a Bilingual publication, and accept translations of works into English & French.
  • Contributors will receive a byline and contributor’s page, in which their work appears.
  • The editorial awards the Biennial Le Prix de Sophia to an outstanding poetry contributor. * The Biennial Sophia Prize will be announced.