One can never really enjoy a city, no matter how beautiful she is.

Each breath exhaled, is a story told, an impression shared with the worlds. There is hope in a new imagery, even if its just a reflection on a larger scale through the resonance of our very being. The grass is always greener even if it’s genetically modified to please the senses, the eyes, and the whole complexity of the simplicity of the thought. Structures rarely change unless, they’re being rectified, refurbished, re … cosmetically challenged. People like cities are consistently changing.

Cities change all the time, like breathing in, and breathing out. Over the years, a story unfolds, a chapter.

When planning a rural town, it is best to look forth-ward. A hundred years is no longer a fantasy. Its like writing a novella. There is always the foundational structure that holds everything in its place, a government people can rely on. Like letters formed to become words, and to spell the unforgettable journey.

For each, and everyone.

That’s what most are there for .… to experience, to understand, to shape, to inspire, and to eventually fly. Everyone has a purpose of being even if its just being. It is most difficult to learn to understand each other yet it is crucial, for therein is found the key to completing the next steps over the tightropes of quotidian living.

It is not true that something must be totally destroyed before anything can sprout from it, a rebirth, is still an indication in the imagery.

Consciously aware and connected beings are not only spiritually inclined towards each other as if a wave building a tsunami — Cities also play a particular role in one’s self-realisation, and transcendency.

Everything experienced is first foremost impressed in the dream.

Yet it is within itself, that the child is conceived. Within the worlds lived in, are indications to a discovery, forgotten. People populate the centres of learning, of intelligence as cities make for the hub of each sovereign nation, and eventually a civilisation. Like major rural towns around the world, they are not only hubs of creative intelligence, or the Library of endless Will. Everything has been edited, written, and finally performed during the dress rehearsal. It is, in that moment, in that precise juncture, is where all impressions are tasted, felt. It only takes a moment on the stage to feel. Yet the impressions last a lifetime.

Being human is true nobility.

Ridtz Raschid, Fondatrice et Rédactrice en Chef
Ridtz Raschid, Fondatrice et Rédactrice en Chef