French naval contractor DCNS’s new $40 billion submarine contract with Australia provides a welcome boost for France’s economy, and its president.

Its not enough being proud of past-historic knowledge, and technology; what needs driving France, or any other developed nation is to understand economics a little deeper.

Structural and labour reforms are essential.

When the plateau is met, there are other ways to re-center the influence, one of which is to diversify in areas where one has yet to exploit fully.

The populace are very important to the state ⎯ constant strikes serve no purpose unless to feed polls and popularity slants in political games and the quotidian living, is not a popularity contest.

In the new world of conscious awareness, collaboration is critical.

As much as individuals are encouraged to cooperate, so too, society, companies and countries. The monopoly factor is a game well played as a whole social movement, where everyone gets to taste the cherry.