Served with hot steamed coconut milk infused basmati rice with roasted pine nuts, or with plain fried garlic and Thai basil rice, this special recipe from our kitchen, and with the assistance of our Head Chef Siti Fatimah, comes our OtakOtak (pronounced o-tuck-o-tuck) Keraton.

Ideal for a royal princess in the crown courtyard, the simple dish takes a moment to prepare.

Here are the ingredients …

Curcuma Longa
Curcuma Longa
Citrus Hystrix
Citrus Hystrix
Kaempferia Galanga
Kaempferia Galanga

The paste for six (6) persons [1]

  • 6 dried chillies
  • 3 shallots
  • 3 pips garlic
  • 1’’ ginger
  • 2 stalks of lemon grass
  • 1’’ galangal
  • 1’’ turmeric
  • Blend the above, with five (5) pieces of candlenuts.

In a bowl, mix the below, and set aside [2]

  • 2 tsp. cumin powder
  • 2 tsp. coriander powder
  • 1 tsp. cumin seed
  • salt & pepper to taste

In another small bowl, set aside [3]

  • 2 dsp. thick santan (coconut cream)
  • 1 egg

In a ceramic bowl, prepare & set aside [4]

  • 12 fresh prawns, or mid to large size tiger prawns
  • 12, 1’’ pcs. of Horse Mackerel (Ikan Tenggiri)

And for the leaves (aromatic herbs) … [5]

  • Large Banana leaves to wrap (cut in foot or about 31cm squares)
  • 24 pcs. of White Morinda Citrifollia leaves (Mengkudu Puteh) / or
  • 24 pcs. of Piper Sarmentosum leaves (Daun Kaduk)
  • 6 pcs. of Kaempferia Galanga leaves (Daun Kencur)
  • 6 pcs. of Citrus Hystrix leaves / Kieffir Leaves (Daun Limau Purut)
  • 3 pcs. of Curcuma Longa / Turmeric Leaves (Daun Kunyit)
  • Several Basil leaves (Daun Selasih)

Take the Kaempferia Galanga leaves, the Citrus Hystrix leaves, and the Curcuma Longa leaves, wash and dry them before stacking them or rolling them neatly as in a good cigar, and using a sharp knife, slice across the roll to make fine thin julienne, or ‘chifonnade’.

The how-to ..

  1. Add the [2] to the blended paste [1] and mix well.
  2. Thereafter add [3] to the paste [1] mixture.
  3. Line the banana leaves with White Morinda Citrifollia leaves or Piper Sarmentosum leaves; thereafter spoon out the paste mixture, and layer it atop the prawns or fish followed with the julienne leaves of Kaempferia Galanga, Citrus Hystrix, and Curcuma Longa; and repeat layering with the paste mixture.
  4. Once the prawns or fish are covered with paste mixture and julienne leaves, put a spread of basil and wrap up each one in its banana leaf, secured with several toothpicks.
  5. Steam for about seven to ten minutes, and serve warm with rice.

We hope you’ll enjoy our recipe, and we look forward to tasting and creating more in the future. Please share the magazine with your friends, and drop us a note when you’ve tried it to tell us how it went.

Bon Appétit !