As Paris prepares for a possible flood of the century, an emergency drill aims to test action plans in case of a disaster similar to the Great Flood of 1910.

The infrastructure of a city is constitutional in its future alignment to growth throughout the ages, and if policy makers and state developers fail to undertake tenders commissioned by the city government, a state wide development for the benefit of the people and advantages, then when calamities such as the hundred year flood, a probability and an expectation generated by the energies directed to such excitement will nonetheless be produced, and will then cast businesses losses, and tourism disadvantages.


The city of Paris is preparing for the worst case scenario ⎯ an epic, catastrophic, a hundred year flood that could decimate the region. City managers and emergency workers are anticipating what would happen if the river Seine burst its banks. Experts believe if Paris experienced such flood, major landmarks and boulevards would be inundated and flooded with water.

More than one million people would be without power, heat and safe drinking water. Infrastructure, such as bridges, subways and communications networks, would all be severely damaged. Emergency workers say raising public awareness is essential.

Michel Cadot, police commissioner of the L’Île de France region, saying “The population of Paris, without a doubt, has progressively moved away from a culture of risk. It does not always take into account the gravity. It is not always aware, though we know that this risk of a major flood, which is a risk that will have serious consequences, will certainly occur in an unpredictable number of years.”

The emergency flood drill will run for about two weeks and workers from across France and across Europe will participate.


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