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The Penang Bridge
Aerial Photography of the Penang Bridge, courtesy and copyright AainaA-Ridtz A R

VALIZ’ focuses on dichotomous slants, that which stimulates the awakening of the mind’s sight. The online magazine is attentive to travel, hospitality & lifestyle, trends that shape the paths of the moments. Segments include mindful indications towards social business collaboration, founders’ interviews, sense impressions in luxury and lifestyle. Future segments and phases may include multimedia, and print media.

— Biblio is a repository of online books for our readers and visitors alike. These are submitted by publishing agencies or their representatives directly, converted to a reading format downloadable or pocketed from herein, VALIZ.
— Couch
covers the byline of all editorial team, designers & developers involved in working on the VALIZ’ platform. Once we start hiring full-time, this page will be populated. You’ll discover the people we work with, and why they matter to us.
— Travelgram
includes travel photography courtesy and copyrighted their rightful owners with quotations of the day, to enlighten the conscious mind.
— Journey
encompasses Founders’ Interviews, Impressions & Stories of Social Business, Collaboration, Non-profits, in both digital print and MM.
— Mode
is your fashion lookbook — what’s hot and what’s not, the slant towards an understanding in why we veil ourselves, a replication of thoughts in the manifestations of the spirit.
— Struktura
is a collection of installations, and architectural inspirations; it includes interior decoration, landscaping and foundational edifice.
— Transit
include hospitality and F&B previews — this may include hotel & airline industries, bistrots and fine dining, and off the beaten tracks, when we pay social visits to countries around the world.


Call for previews of your products, or brand’s presence, is offered through invitation only — often running in tandem with our theme throughout the year; to appear in our segments, please advise your Public Relations or Merchandise Marketeer to arrange an appointment, and to discuss inclusive feasibility to that which reflects our audience sensibleness.