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Realities, A Solo Exhibition

Marc Gumpinger Alpen 37 (1:137), 2016
Marc Gumpinger questions the boundaries of reality in the digital age — with the help of 3D Software in the film production of the artist’s surreal worlds, then in a large format in Oil on canvas.

Real stereotype of an insubstantial landscape

Gumpinger’s current group of Alpine 37 is the representation of a mountain landscape, Oil on canvas, appears real, that one is tempted, to reflect on the pieces.

The indication of the scale in each image’s title reinforces this assumption. In addition, the paintings seem at first glance like photographs of familiar motifs. Works such as the study of Alpine 37 (170x300x4cm) are reminiscent of a ski country, which protrudes out of the morning fog.

One is able to sink into the silence of this nature, in the contemplation ⎯ The enigmatic strip of some of the rocks is lead to the realisation that there are these mountains and that nowhere else is real.

Marc Gumpinger is a visual chronicler of a High-Tech world that affects us as never before. He has a doctoral degree in human biology and is a qualified Economist. In the 90s, Gumpinger worked on 3D imaging and computer games. In 2008, he founded one of the largest social mobile Gaming networks with more than 400 million users, which was later purchased by BlackBerry in 2011.

Marc Gumpinger build on the same principle and the same passion with which he developed his Software systems, and his company.


Realities of Marc Gumpinger
14th July through 30th August

Bankhaus Herzogpark AG,
Pienzenauerstr. 27
81679 München, Germany

Caroline Cole, ACC Art
Reservation +49 89 999 377 50

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