What happens when an unnatural disaster inches its way creating a sensational piece larger than your business launch that could recoup the investments entrusted?

Steps taken forehand would, when considered earlier, have wrapped the event with a dent, but insurance pays when such things occur.

It was supposed to be the grand European launch of one of the year’s biggest blockbusters, but the blasts in Belgium made the organisers of the Batman v Superman premiere rethink the carpet. Rather than yielding to terror, they’ve decided to join the film’s fans and move forward with the London premiere of Batman v. Superman that evening.

Dawn of JusticeItalian presenter, Marta Perego, I don’t know, we tried to do the best we could do, so we filmed outside, we spoke with fans and so on, we tried also to understand from the fans to be here at such an important premiere in such a sad day.




A primer on such is essential before starting your next startup, or even small business. Insurance coverage can protect you, your business, and your loved ones from the financial loss associated with your risks. There are four types of insurance that are considered essential for small businesses

  • Hazard insurance includes fire, wind, water and theft
  • Fire insurance will compensate you for the loss of and damage to your business property by fire.
  • Liability insurance will help protect you against suits for physical damages to someone on your property and for liabilities arising for the use of the products or services your company sells. Other protections: robbery, burglary, employee vandalism, business interruption, key person.
  • Auto insurance, either private or business, is required by law for any vehicle used for business purposes. Before buying any insurance, consider the risks that should be covered, compare costs from the different companies, and get professional advice from an insurance agent.