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Reviving Nature, Within.

Aquarium, courtesy and copyright Robert Günther
Visitors do not arrive at a zoo or aquarium tabula rasa; they arrive with prior knowledge, experience, interest and motivations for their visit, what John Falk and Lynn Dierking (2000) refer to as the Personal Context.

Zoos and aquariums make a difference in the conservation knowledge and attitudes of visitors whilst parks, serve to define the shape and feel of a city, and they also function as a conscious tool for revitalisation.

Visitors, according to a research recently undertaken, arrived at zoos and aquariums with specific identity-related motivations and these directly impact how they conduct their visit and what meaning they make from the experience.

Institutions like the Aquarium of the Pacific serve a vital role in helping us understand—and better care for—the world around us. Designed as a biomorphic structure that evokes the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Visions has a façade made up of more than 800 non-reflective glass panels covering an area of 18,000 square feet.

The project includes the Honda Pacific Visions Theater, changing exhibit gallery, art gallery, and orientation gallery. The two-story, 300-seat Honda Pacific Visions Theater will include a 32ft tall, 130ft long, 180degree arc digital projection wall and a 30ft diameter floor projection disc to immerse visitors in a virtual ocean environment.

A much more complete picture comes to light weeks and months later, after individuals have had a chance to make sense of their experience, integrate their learning into their lives, and act upon any new interests or motivations inspired by their visit ⎯ Anderson, Storksdieck & Spock, 2007.



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