Good and evil are an affair of the world. When they’re an affair of the world, they’re just a preoccupation.

If, when we’re struck by preoccupations, we’re shaken by preoccupations, the mind becomes a world. It keeps grasping all the time. This is called not knowing the path of practice leading to the disbanding of stress—which does nothing but provoke even more stress.

So if this is the way we understand things, it means we haven’t yet won out over ourselves. We still prefer to win out over other people—and so we just lose out to ourselves.

But when we win out over ourselves, we win out not only over ourselves but also over other people; we win out over preoccupations; we win out over sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations. Here I’m talking about things outside. But we can take things outside and apply them inside as well. We can apply them inside as well.

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