The Dervish Dance

There is nothing that is not an indication of the eternal, of immortality.

Even as it was revealed and it never ceased to be revealed in the new consciousness, in the worlds and dimensions where neither nouns and pronouns conceived, each breath given or spent, were the indication towards that which is eternal.

When Truth shines out words fail and nothing tell;
Now hear the Voice within your hearts. Farewell

Do not rend the veil; drain the flagon of the silent
ones; be a veiler, be a veiler, habituate yourself
to the clemency of God.

Like thorns guardianship of utter joys, and bliss, the separation between madness and sanity, essential to veil that which is of the secrets of all the lights, in dawn and dusk ⎯ there is nothing that is not of, that which is. The question remains, the bliss of that which veils within the « Eye », and the « I ».

Pocket your copy, download, or bookmark the page to read for solace and remembrance during the journey, the Mystical Poems of Sheikh Jalaal AdDiın Rūmī.