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One rarely considers feasible and renewable infrastructures, until the inevitable happens, misplacing a foundation or two in the natural structure, of substructures created.

A 160 meter-long roll of carbon and textile-strand rod weighs only 12kg, and is easily transportable. For comparison, metal wire of the same strength is approximately five times heavier. The seismic reinforcement is a thermoplastic carbon fiber composite. It uses carbon fiber, which is an advanced material, as the interlining, while its outer layer is covered with synthetic fiber and inorganic fiber. It is finished by impregnation with thermoplastic resin.

The fiber rod is said to be ten times stronger than iron, and this is the very first time that this material was used as a means of reinforcement against earthquakes.

The Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, was the first to pioneer the reinforcement material ⎯ employing ultra fine porous spongy ceramic base with textiles and trendset that which is considered green, and environmentally friendly for other architects to follow suite.


Kengo Kuma & Associates
104 rue Oberkampf
F-75011 Paris France
Tel.: +33 1 4488 9490
Fax: +33 9 5688 9490

Photography courtesy and copyright Takumi Ota, Shinkenchiku

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