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The Future, is NAO

Nao and family, courtesy and copyright Aldebaran Robotics
Imagine that you’re living with less stress, and with ample time to focus on issues that are of utmost importance, like paragliding, tending to the family and friends, jet setting from Havana, to Astana through Beppu Onsen all because as beautiful as life can be, the heavens have descended onto Earth.

With a more harmonious balance, even organic hydro and aquaponics are now, a thing of the past.

Suddenly your dreams are coming true at a rate beyond imagination, all thanks to the collective thoughts-focused into a more bloodless future.

There are those who are beset with worries, about jobs being taken away from them, but in all fairness in the world of the new consciousness, robotics is the new world of convenience, and with the Internet of Things, it has started paving way for more smart collaborations amongst business owners, and organisations forging a more sustainable and caring communities.

The new world order of consciousness, is now being generated throughout the worlds with more minimalist homes catering for migrants and with green renewable solar energy, more opportunities are being innovated and conceived, whilst the powers of creative intelligence, are opening avenues for more brighter minds to tinker on what’s best for the collective.



Built by Paris based, Aldebaran Robotics, the sleek red and white NAO stands about the height of a bedside table. Gestures, eye movements and mannerisms have all been programmed in the hopes that humans will take a liking to it. A friendly bank clerk that can tell you the rate of exchange for any currency in either English, Japanese, or Chinese, NAO works at Tokyo Narita airport.

Imagine NAO’s family of families tending to your quotidian quandaries about two months from now ⎯ Well nothing is impossible, now that everything under the Sun, is conceivable and no longer limited to fears of the past.


Aldebaran Robotics France
43, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia
75015 Paris

Aldebaran Robotics Japan
1-6-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Izumi Shibakoen Building 7F

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