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The Gardens, Within

Courtesy and Copyright 贝莉儿 NG
With more urban homes built to reflect the busy and instant lifestyles of sophisticated, yet small families the garden environment usually is of a shared landscape.

The personal garden is an essential part of homes throughout Japan, and parts of East Asia and the Middle East.

We rarely see such homes with interior gardens in Europe, except for the Hôtel Particulier, Maison de Maître, and the Châteaux in France. In cultures around the world, the personal garden is an introversion reflected in the development of buildings and how such are conceived and highly reflective in self-development and realisation.

In the understanding of future sustainable architecture, it is critical to note this introversion aspect of urban and rural planning, and also in blurring the lines between the interior, and the exterior.

This relationship begins from within that which is conceived as a private aspect of the household and thereafter extends outwards.

Environmental design principles in architecture have drawn increasing attention, as evidenced by the plethora of publications and research that consider environmental integration issues and design approaches.

Based on the observation of the universal energy of the earth, the ancient Chinese believed that everything in the universe was produced by changes, which resulted from the balancing of Yin and Yang — a home should have an excellent balance between yin and yang in order to bring balance for the inhabitants who live and productively balance in the society.

Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa recently completed the 5 story townhouse in a dense commercial district of Tokyo.

Office of Ryue Nishisawa
1-5-27, Tatsumi, Koto-ku,
Tokyo, 135-0053, JAPAN
T +81 (0) 3 5534 0117

Located on a hill at the foot of the mountain, this one storey house is surrounded by trees. The courtyard allows for the flow of the wind creating a bright garden and dark yard.

Architect Laboratory MOU
Toyamasisenngokumachi 5-1-4
930-0066 Toyamaken
T 076 4225422

Modern urban waterfall deflects the sounds of a busy street. Water cascades into a bluestone koi pond. The crisp stonework contrasts with the softness of foliage and fluidity of water.

Flavin Architects
175 Portland St # 6
Boston, MA 02114-1713
T +1 617 227 6717

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