What animal powers would you embrace if you would become the next superhero, in your community, or your world?

Tens of thousands of Thai followers flock to a Buddhist temple to receive or replenish sacred tattoos believed to protect them from harm. These men are in a trance. They believe the creatures tattooed on their bodies are possessing them.

This annual ceremony is at a temple on the outskirts of Bangkok, believed to be able to grant mystical powers through the art of sacred inking. Many believe their tattoos protect them from harm.

A 27 year man, Ex Sakulpan, said he had a car accident but he was neither hurt nor injured, and that his job is going smoothly. He believes the master blessed him with that.



The ink this monk is using is mixed with snake venom, herbs and cigarette ash. After the tattoo is complete, the monk blows over it to infuse it with power. You do, however, have to follow a few rules for the tattoo to work ⎯ you shouldn’t drink, take drugs, steal, kill, lie or perform sexual misconduct.

The temple forgives.