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The Intimate World

Courtesy and copyright succession Josef Sudek
The Intimate World of Josef Sudek, is the first of this scale to revisit the life and work of Josef Sudek (Kolin, 1896 – Prague, 1976) within its socio-geographical and historical context: Prague during the first half of the twentieth century, at a time when the Czech capital was a veritable hub of artistic activity.

The exhibition features a selection of 130 works spanning the totality of Sudek’s career, from 1920 to 1976, and allows the public to examine the extent to which his photography was a reflection of his personal relationship to the surrounding world.

On display are works that are the result of Sudek’s photographic experiments carried out within the privacy of his own studio, images of the garden seen from his window, and photographs of adventures further afield. The artist enjoyed meandering through the streets of Prague and its surrounding suburbs, and made frequent excursions to the nearby countryside.

The Intimate World of Josef Sudek
7th June through 25th September 2016

Opening Reception
5th June 2016


Jeu de Paume
1 Place de la Concorde
75008 Paris
RSVP +33 1 47 03 12 50

Métro Concorde
Bus 24, 42, 72, 73, 84, 94


  • Vladimír Birgus (Director of the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University, Opava)
  • Ian Jeffrey (Art Historian)
  • Ann Thomas (Curator of Photography, The Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa).

Sudek’s enduring fascination with light, and its absence, is at the root of some of the most haunting photographs of the twentieth century. Nature, architecture, streets and objects are magnified by his sensitivity and mastery of the effects of light, contrasting with the impenetrable cloak of darkness.

Focusing on the technical and formal aspects of the medium of photography, Sudek created pigment prints, halftone prints, puridlos (photographs between two windows) and veteše (photographs inserted into old frames), techniques which allowed him to transform the objectal quality of photography.

Security Information

Following the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015 and to ensure the safety of visitors, the Jeu de Paume is strictly applying the security measures decided by the French Authorities. It is strongly recommanded not to bring suitcases and luggages to the Jeu de Paume. Only luggages not exceeding 42cm x 29,7cm will be accepted.

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