Brexit is a reality. At least for Cameron, Farage, and the Queen.

Its either a divorce, and no, its not that complicated since it involves the European Union, and not the least, Facebook. The recent implosion between Britain, and the Brussels-based European Union has been planned, in the making and is as inevitable to say the least in regards future liaison with BRICS, Iran, and international affairs across foreign policies.

For startups, and new collaborative businesses across borders, the situation have thrusted many towards an unforeseeable instability — one in which secure strategic operandi is critical across industries from financial through energy, fashion through travel.

The BREXIT has shaken many industries to rethink securing existing businesses, and new opportunities through the fluidity of global markets — Many have also relocated, opening in non-taxable offshore havens in the Middle East, Dubai onwards instead of in-sourcing their productions, for foreign exchange has not committed much to a positive windfall.

Is there hope for a better change, now that it has proven that the old underworld is no longer serving humanity as it ought to, instead resorting to socio-racial religio mentality campaigns and economic wars — the only hope for the U.S and Western Allies is Russia, and the EU; and with both not in favourable impression, it can be a tad messy for the future.

Uncertainty is providing a negative backdrop for the sterling – it’s lost almost 8 per cent of its dollar value since the referendum. Future free trade agreements are unlikely and that global business will become more challenging and costlier — Think global, act local is taking on new meaning.