There was a ruler who had a servant for whom he cared more than his other servants; none of them was more valuable or more handsome than this one.

The ruler was asked about this, so he wanted to make clear to them the superiority of this servant over others in service. One day he was riding with his entourage. In the distance was a snow-capped mountain. The ruler looked at that snow and bowed his head. The servant galloped off on his horse. The people did not know why he galloped off.

In a short time he came back with some snow, and the ruler asked him, “How did you know I wanted snow?”

The servant replied, “Because you looked at it, and the look of the sultan comes only with firm intention.”

So the ruler said, “I accord him special favor and honor, because for every person there is an occupation, and his occupation is observing my glances and watching my states of being attentively.”

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