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Top 12 Spring Colours

Silk Palekat, courtesy and copyright Silvia Cosimini
“It’s sort of comical how you think you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry,” Priestly concludes, “when in fact, you’re wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room.” ⎯ The Devil Wears Prada

The resonance in the radiation of magnetic waves produces the spectrum of colour-clusters, implicating a critical factor in communications and the power that it can exert on perceptions.

There are factors that can influence perception when creating for your audience, or target market irrespective the industry you’re in ⎯ these include, but are not limited to psychological considerations, the physical and mental health state, the technology used – understand that the material (natural fabric – leather, bamboo or synthetic), it’s density and thread count also plays a crucial role in the polarisation of the colours.

Among the psychological elements that can strongly suggest, are visual effects – darker or lighter hues contrast between disconnected, and completory colours can influence our perception of each gradation of the fullness, of the wave.

The human reaction and relationship to colours are often beset with complexities. The variety of finer nuance does not dilute the power on humans and its ability to enhance their experience in communications ⎯ to better understand, one must have a basic understanding of Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious. According to Jung, humans were conceived with a basic psyche that can later be differentiated based upon their experience.

Prepare your swatches, material prints and colours with these 2017/19 top twelve Spring Colour Trends.

The tables show the percentage of the melange of the three primary colours Red, Green and Blue. You can either work from there, to create your own colour palette, or use a colour picker to identify the colours.

Les Tendances De Couleurs ⎯⎯⎯ Printemps 2017/19; Spring ⎯⎯⎯ 2017/19 Colour Trends

ColourR/G/BRGB Percentage
Midnight T1703/11/16Red:0.012 Green:0.043 Blue:0.063 Alpha:1.00
Rush T17216/4/0Red:0.847 Green:0.016 Blue:0.000 Alpha:1.00
Emeraude T170/88/90Red:0.000 Green:0.345 Blue:0.353 Alpha:1.00
St. Amour T1792/19/0Red:0.361 Green:0.075 Blue:0.000 Alpha:1.00
Reign T17218/171/232Red:0.855 Green:0.671 Blue:0.910 Alpha:1.00
Moscow T17249/147/4Red:0.976 Green:0.576 Blue:0.016 Alpha:1.00
Slate T17169/159/140Red:0.663 Green:0.624 Blue:0.549 Alpha:1.00
Teh Tarik T17192/146/96Red:0.753 Green:0.573 Blue:0.376 Alpha:1.00
Dusk T1727/58/110Red:0.106 Green:0.227 Blue:0.431 Alpha:1.00
Seine T17130/147/81Red:0.510 Green:0.576 Blue:0.318 Alpha:1.00
Dawn T177/0/10Red:0.027 Green:0.000 Blue:0.039 Alpha:1.00
Mist T17145/167/175Red:0.569 Green:0.655 Blue:0.686 Alpha:1.00
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