We love our emails. Until we can all do with it telepathically, there’s still a need for emails and communication apps that’ll make our lives, or our personal assistants’ less miserable.

Karma, is a wheel.

Technology, like automation (translated as robotics, or machine control in the 21st century), is just that. It facilitates our lives – It’s supposed to let us fly instead of reinventing the wheels, of despair.

Here’s our list for the top five no-nonsense applications that made it for Summer 16 – Let’s see if your favourites listed herein too.

Evernote is that green elephant that hasn’t forgotten anything. It is the app for almost everything. You can install its plugin for your favourite browser and clip notes from all over, mobile or desktop. It makes for good research practice to have your curated ‘content’ in its proper folder, and syncs well with your other devices as well.

Next up, is something you should seriously consider if you find yourselves clumsily jotting things down on your devices and multitasking like as if there’s not enough time on planet Earth.

There is — just make more of it.

What can you do with your voice that no other application has yet considered besides the Dragon? What can you not do with voice to text? Jott allows you to voice out your memos, emails, reminders, notes, ideas and anything that your mind can conceive, its there wherever its sent to.

Can’t figure which illustration application to use on the go? There’s our favourite SketchPad by Sketch.io, which allows you to save your doodling ideas in standard formats from png, through pdfs, work through layers and loads more.

Automattic’s CloudUp, is next — an awesome solution for streaming files large and small without any of the business process, and for free. What’s not to love from the creators of WordPress? Really!

To market, to market to buy a fat swine! — no really, when email and marketing becomes unified, it translates into Send-In-Blue. With marketing teasers less than 9k you literally start with zero. This would be a great company to partner with if you’re a new startup company, an entrepreneur or a small business catering to your own in-house marketing endeavour.

From the backend CMS, through short message texts, you’d be delighted as it facilitates your marketing dollars.

And whilst you’re there tinkering how to play it real to your audience, those who are seriously considering your products, or services; and your potential investors, you could craft some infographics with Easel.ly for the financial department too — these were made infamous in the nineties when sites, and print media wanted to show the numbers without having to crunch it in an incomprehensible manner. You’ll have templates to configure with, to add the necessary data making it look pretty, and useful.

Remember Hush? Well, we now have Proton and it has been serving many of us way from Switzerland. If you’re looking into an encrypted end-to-end secure communication application, why not signup with them? Starts from zero, and CHF48 for a plus account.

Like many of us who have migrated from having ten accounts to just one, those of you who are filing information towards each non-catch-all address might want to consider MyMail account — yes, its a professional unified communication application which will facilitate all your emails into one place. Discreet notifications, configurable with avatars, this might just be the application for the intensive user, or the perfectionist assistant.

For when you take the extra mile with spreadsheets, and how we love those when it comes to inventory listing, and crunching conceivable projections minus both capital and operational expenses, the spreadsheet has indeed come a long way with Flextory. A data management system as a SaaS, flextory can generate barcodes, scan barcodes in from your Android or iOS device, generate custom reports, attach files to items, have multiple users with different permissions and much more.

Do you know who is most stressed besides the C-suites? Yeah, the R & D department, where the project management and marketers have to collaborate with, and thereafter with agencies to get things right the first time. When remote working takes a step outside the cubicle, and everyone is accountable for their actions, prioritizing is essential, and when that’s overlook, it can get a tad messy —with Wrike, a work management software as a service, your team will be a shining beacon in the community again.

Share these with your colleagues and drop us a note to tell us what you think ought to be in our list next.