You are the result of a continuous movement of thought. If you believe in reincarnation and all that, you must find out if it is an illusion or a reality.

If you are your name, your form, your ideas, your conclusions, your experiences, are they the factors of continuity as the me in the next life?

What is that ‟me”?

Each one of us, we think, is a separate entity; we think we are so-called individuals. What is that individuality – the name, the form, what you remember, your attitudes, your loneliness, your pain, your anxiety, your chaos, your sorrow and uncertainty? So what is it that continues, that is reborn – memories, ideas? Which is what? – something dead, or is there no continuity at all?

Think, search out, please.

Continuity means that which is going on modifying itself. You are becoming something, and achieving it and wanting more. Continuity implies security, certainty. Are you certain about anything? Is there security in your ideas? We want continuity. We hope to have continuity because, in continuity we thing there is security.

Do you understand my question?

Is it possible to be free of comparison, is it possible to end comparison? If you don`t compare, then you throw away a great burden that has no reality. Because, then you are what you are. From there you can begin, but if you are always comparing, becoming somebody else, then you are fundamentally unhappy anxious, frightened, and all the rest of it.

So please ask the question of yourself, whether you can live without comparison, without any form of measurement which is quite difficult, because we are trained, educated, convinced, that we are this but we will become that.

The becoming is a form of measurement.

To live without a single movement of measurement is part of meditation.

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